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Sign in to create your job alert for Remote Executive Assistant jobs in United States. Sign in to create your job alert for Remote Executive Director jobs in United States. Engage with your network, contribute to conversations, and initiate dialogues that explore innovations in your field. When you spark discussions and inspire peers, you’ll attract the attention of organizations seeking visionary leaders. But don’t let the chill throw you off; we’re a fast-growing, product-led startup with big plans for the future. Kontist is a Berlin, Germany-based fintech and taxtech for freelancers with about 150 employees.

  • A blend of technical expertise, creativity, and market insights is crucial for this position.
  • As the name implies, chief growth officers are in charge of managing a company’s growth through a combination of marketing, sales, and product development tasks.
  • All that matters is that you’re good to work with and you’re great at what you do.
  • Senior art directors are charged with visual communication and aesthetic content creation.

These executives play a crucial role in aligning various departments with the company’s goals and are often in conversation with the board of directors. The chief operating officer (COO) is often considered the second in command and reports directly to the CEO. Focusing most of their work on the operations side of business, this role oversees day-to-day operations and executes the shorter-term goals of the company’s business plans. Ready to skip the commute and explore remote executive jobs? Take a look at this list of 20 leadership jobs commonly found in the FlexJobs database.

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

This is a full-time position with a competitive salary and benefits package. ● You can provide examples of how you have truly empowered others to take responsibility for their roles. ● Visionary founder Ben can confidently spend approximately 2 days a week on the business, devoting the rest of his time to other priorities.

Therefore, please read the attachments to this job description/scorecard carefully. Use LinkedIn to boost your social connections and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Every post, article, and comment highlights your expertise and vision for the industry, rather than for yourself or for a specific company. Be active where your skills and achievements get the spotlight they deserve. Your value should be clear and visible, making you an obvious choice for organizations seeking leadership.

Executive Assistant/Ops for Marketing Agency NM

Searching for an executive role requires a more strategic and tailored approach. You’re not just seeking employment; you’re looking to make a significant impact in an organization. As such, you should present yourself as a partner and leader, rather than an individual contributor. VPs of operations most often work with company presidents to assist with daily operations. With a thorough understanding of company operations, this role will provide business performance leadership, monitor finances, and evaluate operational procedures.

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