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Pixistock is a site that helps you create social media content. The site isn’t a free stock photo site as such, although with a premium membership you can get over 5,000 images to use in your content. ISO Republic caters to bloggers and online business owners alike in providing high-resolution stock images to add to websites and social media posts.

stock photography resources

If you think it’s a
compelling photograph, please send it our way. A lot of their images are actually designed, which makes it a great resource for social media. Freepik offers images in multiple formats, video, illustrations, vectors and PSDs. ShotStash offers free photos with specific descriptive titles.

What makes great stock photography?

Although this website has ceased to update, there are still valuable photos in this collection that you can use for your website. Creative Commons licenses only apply to works protected by copyright. Public domain licenses aren’t affected by Creative Commons since these works aren’t restricted by copyright laws. There are many types of licenses, but the most popular ones are under Creative Commons or Public Domain licenses.

The word “microstock” refers to stock images for which a photographer receives a micropayment. “Micro,” therefore, does not have to do with the size of the image, the website, or its offering. Some of the most well-known databases with countless images are microstock sites. designer stocks I get asked A LOT about where to find quality stock imagery for websites and social media. Let’s be honest, “good” in the realm of stock photography leaves a lot to be desired. That said, in recent years a few “good” websites for free stock photos have popped up.

Discover popular Stock categories and themes

My rules is if the image is one I have seen before, I try to avoid using it in a prominent location (such as on a home page). If it really fits the need though, you may decide to use it anyhow. There are a number of websites that offer photo subscriptions, and others that operate on a “credit” or pay-as-you-go model. I prefer subscriptions for the platforms I use most, and currently have two for my company. The other photo platforms are ones you’ve probably heard of, and I use them infrequently. If you want to get creative without leaving your browser, PikWizard provides links to an online photo editor.

stock photography resources

Of course, there’s more to using stock images on your website than is listed above. If you’re looking for stock images to use on your WordPress website, and aren’t sure where to go, keep reading. We’ve got 67 of the very best stock photo sites listed for you so you don’t have to stress about finding images to publish on your site. Adobe Stock offers high-quality free stock photos, vectors and videos you can use for commercial purposes with confidence. Perhaps one of the oldest websites on stock photography, morgueFile has vast resources of creatives, for creatives, by creatives. Its huge network of contributed images is still perhaps the best resource for all your stock image needs.

Peter McKinnon is a lively, enthusiastic, and incredible photographer and filmmaker. He has an unquenchable passion for photography and filmmaking and uses his YouTube channel to share endless tips and tricks. Even so, having illustrations such as these on hand for free is a valuable resource.

You can filter images based on photographs, vectors, and illustrations and find exactly what you need. And if you need video content for your website, Pixabay has that too. Although access to the photos is completely free, I noticed that about 30% of the interface is occupied with intrusive ads from sponsor Shutterstock. Depositphotos offers advanced filters (color, viewing angle, orientation, objects in the frame, and more), and also adapts search results to customer preferences.

  • I purchased a subscription to this because I needed some specific imagery that I wasn’t finding on other sites (more true-life rather and obviously stock).
  • Peter McKinnon is a lively, enthusiastic, and incredible photographer and filmmaker.
  • Designed and built specifically for photographers, check out the editor’s picks or simply browse at your leisure.
  • This site offers free photographs for your personal and commercial use.
  • Even so, most social media sites let you embed content on your site.

This means the first images you see might not be the best on offer. The quality is high, and you’ll find long-lens animal shots, gorgeous landscapes, and much more. They also offer a ton of video content that’s also free to use. Search using the search bar, look into their collections of images, and even check out related images after conducting a search to find images that suit your needs.

stock photography resources

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